Maintaining Standards

By having an in-house testing facility based on ISO 20471 / EN471 / IS 15809 etc for assuring durability, Washability & Performance in different weather and lighting conditions. Team Ajiveena is equipped enough to manage each and every tests desired from beginning to finishing. Which itself announce our standards to its best extent.


Being a pioneer in the market - Ajiveena very well understands that solutions are derived from innovation. We upgrade our technology consistently thus making materials safer, lighter, stronger, updated and comfortable to wear. Our goal is to enhance the degree of productivity thereby promising utmost safety to our clients.

Assuring Quality

When even a fiber or basic elements of raw stocks are being analysed throughly before putting it into production - there is hardly any chance of ignorance on quality at any level & step. Whereas, Ajiveena products are supervised / manufactured using highly tested branded equipment and accessories to ensure performance and safety.

Providing Comfort

We at Ajiveena, keep even tiny thing in mind that Safety is important but if we miss on providing comfortability to our product - the wearer might would avoid caring for his own safety. And thats the reason we get our products developed while monitoring the kind of chemical being used along with right structuring during initial process only. Therefore, you no longer need to sacrifice comfort or safety.


To establish a strong foothold by offering world class services across the globe and achieve professional excellence in the OEM realm. Being Ethical to justify our noble ends too. We shall strive to be a value based organisation seeking professional excellence through our products, processes and services. We aspire to serve the society at large through our extensive range of high visibility safety products.


We understand our responsibility to the society too. We have developed several products meant for challeged categories such as Visually / Hearing impaired people towards making them feel secured on fast moving traffic roads at any time. The products are available FREE of cost on request. 

Mr. Jogesh Sachdeva


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